New York design studio DIA has created the identity for Project, a global network of independent creative and marketing agencies spread across 44 worldwide locations.


Golden Hour Studios Brand + Website by codysmall
Golden Hour Studios is a photography studio based in New York. We did their brand with hand-drawn elements, including the logo, to communicate the whimsical aesthetic of outdoor adventure. The website is built on Wordpress and has a responsive framework. We tried to make every page unique, but still keep a cohesive experience for the user. One of the most notable features of the website is the blog, which is a dynamic grid. Each post has a designated illustration to give the feeling of variety and uniqueness.

Showtime by CGH
The logotype for the cable network Showtime puts a spotlight on the SHO within the Showtime name, highlighting the network’s abbreviation. The SHO mark is used in newspaper listings and as Showtime’s on-air bug for channel identification.